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Jean Holland Dermatology:  Our Services

Jean Holland Dermatology

Jean M. Holland, MD, FAAD

It doesn't matter if your insurance plan covers a service or not.  Since you are paying for your visit, you decide what you want done, and it is included in the office visit charge.

Not sure how much time to schedule?  Our friendly staff can help you figure it out.

Please be aware that if you need services performed by a lab, those charges are not included -- but Dr. Holland has negotiated discounted fees.  Or you can choose to get those lab services through your insurance. We'll help you to make the best choice for your situation.


Short visit:   $50              1 - 5 minute appointment

Regular visit:  $80           5 - 10 minute appointment

Extended visit:  $110     10 - 15 minute appointment

The listed time is time actually spent with Dr. Holland.  She will do her best to take care of all your concerns in the available time.  Dr. Holland does not charge for the time she spends documenting your visit in your chart, only for the time spent with you. 

There is no additional charge for Dr. Holland to call you with your lab results, take out stitches, or communicate with your primary doctor.  Some injections are very expensive and there may be a $10 surcharge for those.

Prior Authorization for medications:

Our office staff is tiny and doesn’t have the manpower to deal with prior authorization requests from insurance companies.  If the process requires anything more than filling out a short form, we regret that we aren't equipped to handle it. 

However, if a medication is not covered by your plan or requires prior authorization, we are happy to prescribe a less expensive alternate.

Evaluation and removal of skin growths



            Age spots

            Skin tags

 Diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer

            Treatment of precancerous sun damage spots

Diagnosis and treatment of rashes



            Seborrheic dermatitis



Pilar (scalp) cysts

Hair loss

Some medications are available at wholesale prices.

No extra charge for procedures

If it can be done in the time you pay for, it's included. 

Please note:  we do not do laser, Botox or fillers

This is not a good office for you if you want guidance on skin care.  Our focus is medical dermatology, not cosmetics.