Jean Holland Dermatology

Jean M. Holland, MD, FAAD

If you need to have a prescription refilled:

We suggest that you contact your primary care physician for refills on medications you take regularly.

Please note:   Long-term antibiotics are increasingly frowned upon by the medical community, and we have been moving away from using them.  You will need to establish with a new dermatologist, who likely will want to use other medications.

In our closing weeks, we concentrated on transferring our patients' care to other, reliable dermatologists.

Most of our referrals went to Dr. Arathi Goldsmith (835 Mason St., C200, in Dearborn, ph.# 313-274-5810) and Dr. Sami Abbasi (21401 Allen Rd., Woodhaven, ph.# 734-675-0835)

We did our very best to contact all patients with skin cancers that we diagnosed, who were seen within the past two years.  We tried to make sure you have copies of your pathology reports, since that information will be useful to your new dermatologist.  If we somehow missed you, please have your new doctor fax a request for the reports and they will be sent.  The fax # is 1-734-288-3463.

​We contacted everyone who was seen between 10/1/2018 and 1/31/2019, to let them know they would need a new dermatologist.  If you did not call us back, we suggest you contact one of the recommended offices to establish as a new patient.