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Jean M. Holland, MD, FAAD

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If you purchase supplements or medications from our office:

We will continue to sell products until we run out.  If you give us enough notice, we will order products for you, or give you resources to order them for yourself, when possible.

About your records

Dr. Arathi Goldsmith [], to whom we are referring most of our patients, has offered to store charts of patients who intend to see her.  If you choose to transfer your care to Dr. Goldsmith, we need your permission to transfer your chart.  Click here for form:

If you prefer to see another doctor, please let us know ASAP so your records can be faxed.  Dr. Sami Abbasi [] has offered to keep faxed records on file until patients come in to be seen.​​  Click this button to download the release form:

If I cared for you for strictly cosmetic and benign growths, never did a biopsy, and did not prescribe any medications, your records are unlikely to be of any use to another physician, and there is no need to have your records transferred.

In our closing months, we will concentrate on transferring our patients' care to other, reliable dermatologists.

We will do our very best to contact all skin cancer and chronic skin disease patients who require at least yearly visits.  If this applies to you, please feel free to call us; we will work with you to find a new dermatologist and to transfer your records.

​We will see as many of our existing patients as possible, to make sure they have refills on their medications sufficient to last a year.  That way, they will have plenty of time to establish with another dermatologist.

No appointments will be scheduled for cosmetic removals.  Skin tag removal, SK freezing, or shave removal of unwanted moles will not be scheduled, and will not be done if patients are seen for other reasons.  Appointments made prior to October 1 will be honored.

No total body skin exams will be done, except for melanoma patients.  Skin cancer screenings will be scheduled as usual.