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Jean M. Holland, MD, FAAD

Adult acne

Are you a woman in your 20s or 30s, still struggling with acne?

We have an excellent, effective approach to adult acne, one that often helps safely alleviate other annoying symptoms, such as excessive oil and large pores.

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Our approach to acne

We believe acne is highly individual.

When we evaluate someone with acne, we pay attention to whether it is superficial or deep, scarring or non scarring, where it is, how severe it is, the patient's age and family history, and many other factors.

Treatment is tailored to the particular patient and the acne sub-type.  We try to minimize your out-of-pocket cost and the demands on your time.

First visit:  the consultation visit is $80

That includes peels, injections, and drainage procedures, if needed.  We give you free sample sizes of recommended skin care products, if they are available.  We always try to find the least expensive way for you to get your medications.

Subsequent visits cost $50, all procedures are included.  Once we have devised an effective program -- often after just 2 or 3 visits -- we set you up with enough refills for a year.

After your first visit, if you love our acne peels, you can come in just for a peel and pay only $20.