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Jean M. Holland, MD, FAAD

Medicine has changed -- and not for the better.  Patients rightly complain about mounting piles of forms to fill out, long waits in the reception area, automated phones, the impossibility of getting to a human being if you have a problem, and absurdly high co-pays and deductibles.

Doctors hate the way government and insurance requirements take more and more time away from actual patient care. 

There are a lot of people now who simply can't afford the high-price, limited coverage insurance available to them.  Others buy it . . . but then have such high deductibles and copays that the coverage does little good.

When a single rushed visit can cost $250 after insurance adjustments, people are afraid to see a doctor.  That's why I just left the whole system.  My patients deserve a better experience.

Predictable prices

You decide how much time you want, and pay for it.  Whatever we can accomplish in that time is included -- procedures, too.   

No surprise bills.  If you need lab services that we don't provide, we'll tell you what it will cost up front.

No forms

Because we aren't bound by government and insurance requirements, we will just want some simple contact information and enough medical information to take good care of you.  And we'll do the writing.

No waiting

Appointments are restricted by time.  If the person before you has a ten minute appointment and wants more time, they'll need to schedule for it -- they can't eat into yours.  Typically, our patients are taken into an exam room right after checking in.

Actual human beings on the phone