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Jean M. Holland, MD, FAAD


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         12-27-2019 at noon.


After over 30 years caring for the Downriver community, I had to stop seeing patients so that I could concentrate on my family and my own health.  The kindness and understanding that patients and colleagues have offered are overwhelming.  I have truly loved the people of this area and deeply regret that I can't keep doing this forever.

I wish everyone health and happiness,

                                     Jean Holland, MD

Jean Holland Dermatology

Latest update:  After weeks trying to move my Comcast fax number, I gave up.  Just got AT&T, and a temporary fax number, usable immediately and thru 2-28-2020.

 FAX #:   734-547-6628

My old fax number has been ported and will be active on 1-29-2020

FAX #:   734-288-3463

If you have difficulty sending a fax using these numbers, try adding a 1 before the 734 exchange.